Macintosh Qbasic (will trade...)

I need a copy of MS Quick Basic 1.0e For Macintosh.

I have QuickBasic 2.01 and 4.5 for Dos/Windows.

I like programing on both platforms. Sick but true.

I will trade a copy (or info that gets me a copy) for

a QuickBasic 4.5 user interface source code which

(when compiled with QBasic 4.5) will scan all mapped

drives, folders and files (including network), and will

return file names of any size (8.3 DOS type to 124.3

Windows 95/NT type) on any MS operating system. Works

similar to menu driven file opening menus. Occupies

about 16K. Very unique item. Windows NT and 95

truncate file names to 8.3 during shell commands and

operating system calls.

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