Need help on class project using "Record" and disk file p...

Finals are tomorrow!12/15/98 project due 12/17/98

at 5:00 p.m. Design and produce a program that

accesses data from a sequential disk file, loads this

data into appropriate records, & outputs the results of the processed

data in the form of a report to the screen. Modular in

design using 3 subroutines. Program will read the data into an

array of records, sort the records by lastname, calculate the

salary for each employee based on their individual hourly wage &

hours worked, then print a report.


Employee Cost Report

Name Salary

Adams, Karen 212.58

Connor, Brenda 176.80

Little, James 114.84

Peters, Alan 160.80

Simons, Robert 267.12


Total $932.14

The printout should look similar to this. He told us a

standard selection sort. The "gamma.dat" file looks like

this: "James Little",9.57,2,1,5,4,0

"Robert Simons",11.13,3,8,2,11,0

"Brenda Connor",13.6,5,0,3,8,4

"Alan Peters",10.05,1,0,3,8,4

"Karen Adams",11.81,2,7,0,0,9

Please I really need some help!

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