why jsp and not cold fusion or asp or php?

as the subject indicates why jsp? I'm learning it at the moment and i like it but on looking out there at the hosting packages on the market - it appears at face value that jsp and tomcat server will attract a higher hosting monetary cost? or is this not true of all isps?

and of course, why jsp?


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    It is true that it costs a little more than other languages but there are a few free company's that give it away for free.
    http://www.isavvix.com and http://www.mycgiserver.com

    The advantage of JSP is, is that it is so reliable. You can do anything with the combination of JavaBeans and Servlets.

    I'm doing it for a year now and there seems to be no problem that can't be fixed easily with JSP.

    Just like Java, JSP doens't like it when you convert variables to other types than possible. That's is a good thing because it keeps the code clean. On the other hand it can be frustrating.
    With PHP you can do such things and the compiler will now what to do with it, that is not very good. Nothing against PHP !

    ASP can be even more expensive than JSP, because it needs a Windows server. JSP can run under Solaris, Windows, Unix, Linux etc etc.

    It is up to you, but I think JSP is a good choice to create your web applications with.

    Hope this helps you, success.


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