QBASIC Compiler Problem

Hello All,

Can you perhaps help me?

I am currently writing a long BASIC program in QBASIC 4.5. My program runs using the BASIC interpreter soley w/o any problem. However if I want to compile it to make an EXE file (self standing or with BRUN 45.EXE addon ) the compiler quits and tells me I dont have enough memory. I have 64MB installed, so I think the compiler means internal memory. But how can I change this? Compiler switches?

I read somewhere this is a bug in the old compiler. There is supposed to be a new 2.0 compiler version for Qbasic 4.5 out there, but I havent been able to find it.

Thanks for your help,



  • I ran across the same problem myself. After I rearranged the program to make fewer sub calls by combining a few subs, it compiles just fine.

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