Delete directories

I have to delete file and directories after compressing a fairly hefty directory. The whole mess worked fine with C++Builder and Win98, but I am now in Delphi 6 and Windows 2000. I am doing standard tree walk deleteing files as I go, but I can't seem to get the directories to delete (even at the bottom of the line). I have used the standard Delphi calls RemoveDir, RmDir, and some fairly exotic stuff involving ShFileOperation. I finally did a standard windows call and got the bit about shareing violation, which basically means that after walking the tree, there is still something in 2000 which thinks that I am in the directory until I exit said program and come back in. Wrote a little dummy just to walk the tree and delete, first time through deletes all the files just fine. Will not get the directories until the program is closed, reopened, execute, then the directories are gone.

Any bright ideas??
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