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Greetings all!

Just to let you know, I am NOT a programmer. I was, at one point, an aspiring game developer, and indeed, wanted to learn the fine art of computer programming, but I realized quickly enough, all I cared about was the story aspect of it all.

So, in short, I've been developing a great story, and some great concepts for a 16-bit/32-bit (forgive me, I'm a console lover, always have been, always will be) style RPG, and now I have a few questions.

Most importantly of all, what the heck do I need to know about making an RPG using C++? I'm concerned more with knowing how to get into contact with people willing to do this on a volunteer basis, what type of jobs I'm going to need to fill, and how in the end, I'm going to put it all together. Am I being incredibly naive about all this? I'm well aware it's a massively complicated process, and I've considered going with one of the existing GCE programs out there, but with a mixture of reliability/flexibility issues, I've come to the conclusion that seeking the aid of real programmers would be far better. So any help would be appreciated, and if you are interested in volunteering *wink wink nudge nudge* my e-mail is

Thanks alot in advance!
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