converting person location into a pointer to a tile of world

Hello, Ive got a few classes named Person1, World_Land1, and World_Map defined below(see below). I waswondering how I would go about converting the int array ILocation in person1 to the LLocation pointer I have made the function Convert_Location overloaded is so the Idea of it being void may not work. I am using Visual C++.Net (7.0)(not Managed) any help would be usefull

class Person1{
// Irrelivant code
int ILocation[2];
World_land1 *LLocation;
World_Map1 *World;
void Move(void);
void Convert_Location(void);
void Convert_Location(World_Map1 &World2);
// Irelivant code

class World_Land1{
int Position[2];
//irrelivant code

class World_Map1{
World_Land *Land;
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