Please help me answer these questions

For some reason I cant load the code for this demo on this message board so if anyone thinks they can help let me know and I will send the demo...Thank you all in advance.

Look at the demo 3 solution and answer these questions.

1. Why can't we override the property Name in CCustomer?

2. There is no Property for Address in CCustomer, yet we can code
objCustomer.Address = txtAddress.Text. Explain.

3. If you enter no data, but just press Add, the customer lives in Portland. But there is no reference to Portland in the Customer class.
Explain in light of the fact that constructors are not inherited.

4. SalesYTD is $78,000, but SalesYTD is a ReadOnly Property.
Where does it obtain its value?

What value(s) should we enter to verify that we never sell to minors (people under 18)? Does our logic work? Why or why not?

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