MFC: accessing document attribute members from a dialog event handler!

hi all

i am having some trouble with going about linking dialog events to my document data!

i have the view class create a modeless dialog when a menu option is selected. from this dialog, a button may be pressed. i placed the event handler for this button inside the dialog class. when this event handler is invoked i need access to the document data but obviously i cannot get at it! how can i get around this?

one thing i tried was to message map the OnClickMybutton event to a function in the view class (the map definition was in the dialog class). that way, when the button in the dialog is pressed, the message handler is called in the view class where i can use GetDocument to gain access to document attribute members. unfortunately this didn't work - the mapping didnt happen at all. and also it is a rather unclean way of getting round the problem anyway.

i would be very grateful if anyone could advise me on how to go about this. i would like to do it the best and most practised way.

thanks in advance


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