I found a copy of a game i used to play ALOT as a kid. It runs on my computer using dos emulation. But it runs entirely too fast. I used a program called moslo, but it still ran too fast, even running it at 1% of normal speed. Moslo was programmed for early pentiums and 686s.But even the newer versions dont slow it down enough. I was wondering if anyone out there might be able to write a program to slow it down more, by around 1000 to 10,000%. I dont think this would a hard program, but i know nothing about dos. Im assuming u could just limit the programs access to the processor. Mabey like a forloop that increments 0 to 999 and only allow mechwarrior to step on mod1. If anyone out there might be able to do this or has any ideas I would be greatfull. I relly like this game, and want to be able to play it agan.
Thanks again,
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