Dos to Dreamcast

How would I go about emulating old dos games to the sega dreamcast? I know doomdc was one great example. Thanks for any info you can give me on this.


  • hi, youre talking. as fas as my knowladge goes. doing the following is an good step:

    - learn the sega dreamcast hardware (easy :) )
    - learn how to code the dreamcast. (not so easy)
    - than look what you can do.

    or for the better method. look for anybody that know more about this. if you like to program the dreamcast do the above :).

    It should be possible tough. as doom, woflenstein, decent, heretic has been already ported on the gp32 (

    And seeing that sega dreamcast supports windows ce. yeah. i think it should be possible. just learn the hardware and how to code. that is th eonly advice i can give you.

    best regards,

    Vyeyendra Ramnares
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