Accessing and controlling Oracle Forms 9i from external application

I currently know nothing about Oracle 9i, so bear with me if I say something stupid.

Our company has written an existing application (in VB) which is used to control an external application, called Banner, which is written in Oracle Forms 6 (I think). The Oracle Forms application, Banner, runs on the Windows desktop in a terminal emulator (Attachmate KEA). Basically, the VB app can control the Oracle Forms Application by interacting with KEA via OLE. i.e. The VB app can read the screen and insert/remove data from the fields on the Oracle form, or request that a certain screen (Oracle form) be displayed by utilising functions published in the KEA OLE Object.

Now, the Oracle Forms application, Banner, is being migrated to Oracle Forms 9i (which I believe runs in a browser). Obviously, as the KEA application is no longer there, I'm not sure how the VB app can be chanegd in order to manipulate the Oracle application.

My question is, are there any people out there who have any knowledge or ideas as to how this could be done? How can an external application manipulate/read the data on an Oracle Forms 9i application? Does Oracle Forms 9i somehow publish an interface that can be hooked into? Can the enternal application somehow call up a form within the Oracle Forms 9i application?

Thanks in advance for any advice or links to information that you feel may help me.

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