CodePedia code not interpreted in search previews

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Sorry to bother you again, but I was doing a search and I noticed this. It's at the end of
after searching for xt.


  • That's correct, I don't render the search results as that would be quite complicated to implement. The problem is that I only display the first 2-3 lines of the codepedia content.

    For example if the top of the page is [leftbr]code[rightbr] and then I cut the page so that the closing [leftbr]/code[rightbr] is not included,then the entire page would be corrupted as there's no closing tag to render.

    Of course I could try to strip-out all the tags entirely, and that something that I will try to implement.


  • I wouldn't mind the tag stripping, but it's really hard to read the preview with them in the way. Thanks!
  • I will add the removal of the tags in the preview to my "ToDo" list.


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