What's the difference between Visual Basic and Visual Basic.NET?

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    VB.net is fully object oriented, supporting inheritence, overloading, overridding, and more. It attaches to .NET which extensively has over 3500 classes to work with. Objects are nested in Namespaces like C++ and JAVA. Its muli-thread safe and still supports older COM components.
    Creating Interfaces are more intuitive and a new attribute syntax is added to the language for even advanced featutes. Finally accessing the win32 API is more intuitive. Data types map to .NET objects so alot of manipulation is built into the datatype.

    ' VB Subloution
    var = Trim(SomeValue)

    ' VB.NET
    var = SomeValue.Trim

    ' VB
    Dim dat As Date
    dat = Now

    ' VB.NET
    Dim dat As Date = Date.Now

    The list goes on. If you want to know all the differences, then read the 1600 page book by Fransceso Balena "Programming with VB.NET."

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