MAPI send mail - How to control the size of the Outlook Dialog

I am currently working on a project where we are using MAPI compliant third party components to send email via the default MAPI client installed on the system.

It works fine except that if the default client is Outlook (2000 in my case) then the "New Message" dialog box/form always appears at the top left of the screen and is very small. It does not seem to remember the size of the dialog box the next time you send a mail if you resize the window to manageable size.

If I set Outlook Express as the default client then I can resize the dialog box the first time it pops up, and the next time it will remember it's previous size and location and use those settings.

Is there ANY way I can control the Outlook new message dialog via the MAPISendMail method call or any method. Even if I could just make it maximise the window when it appears that would be an improvement.

I have tried a couple of Email components and they all exhibit the same behaviour. I have the source code so I've traced the calls and they all end up back at MAPISendMail. I've tried playing with all the parameters for that method call but no luck.

Thanks in advance

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