A quick question about parallel port

I read a lot of FAQs about this port, it seems so simply;
I could use the output features, but when I tried to "tell" the PC
that I want to put anything on any input pin I couldn't put it
high; I need some electrical scheme able to put a logical 1 int the
pin 11 (p.ex.) only to see how, simply connect a circuit to put a
logical "1" in the pin

PD: better if done only with resistors and a 9V DC generator


  • if you want to input a byte to the printer port for example you want to input 1 or binary 00000001, the lsb signal must be +5v and the rest 0v or grounded. you cant just leave d1 to d7 pins hanging in the open air with just d0 connected to a +5v. if you leave it out hanging the pc couldnt distinguish it whether its a logic 0 or 1 and may appear to you that there is something wrong with your program.
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