adventure game

(excuse my english =) )
who doesn't miss the good ol' adventures like indiana jones 3&4, Monkey Island 1-3, Maniac Mansion1&2?
Grim Fandango, Monkey Island 4,etc. are great games -thats no question- but who does not hate the controls?

i had the idea of developping a mouse-controlled adventure like Grim Fandango...
here are some ideas i had:
-i thought of an interface similar to monkey island 2 or indiana jones 4
-the resolution should be 800*600
-2d render backgrounds
-mouse controlled(!!!)
-3d characters
-3d items

i think developping an adventure would be less work than developping an action game or a mod.the problem is: i haven't the experience and knowledge for starting the project on my own.

what i can do:
-modelling the items(perhaps some characters)(3dsmax)
-create some backgrounds(3dsmax)
-i know a little about directx; i could for example set the backgrounds...(c++)
-i could program parts of the story/classes/functions...(c++)

what i/we need:
-3d modeller, who can model characters and backgrounds
-coder with knowledge about direct3d(c++)
-some bright heads with some ideas...
-2d artists

if you want to help reply or better:
send a mail to:
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