Mapping third mouse button.

The users where I work have Logitech scroll mice, you can click down on the scroll wheel as if it were a third mouse button. Their computers have software that allows you to map that button to do things like "copy" "maximise" "F1" "F3" etc. It has about twenty choices but the choice that I need is not there.

I need it so that when the user presses that middle button it will emulate the user typing "Ctrl L." I have been screwing around with VBscripts and batch files and all kinds of crazy workarounds to get this mouse to do what I need but have not been able to solve this problem.

Any suggestions would be helpful; registry hacks, undocumented features, links to a freeware site that has an app that will allow me to do what I need to do, ANYTHING! Any help would be appreciated.


  • [green]Try using SetWindowsHookEx() with the flag for 'Low Level Mouse Hook'...I don't remember the exact name for that flag :([/green]

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