Error in System.Data (problem loading simple dataset)


I am new to VB.NET

I am working through a sample in a book I bought (Visual Basic.NET Black Book) and the very first ADO sample is messing me up.

I am using the SQL objects from the toolbox, and the SQL server connection items (sorry-- Im not so good on .Net lingo yet)

I have a connection to SQL/Pubs (My login, permissions etc on this DB work)

Heres what I did:
* I dragged the authors table from my connection (which I made under the data connections view in the server explorer) and that gave me SqlConnection1 and DataAdapter1 in the component tray.

* right clicked on the data adapater and selected "generate dataset"
* from the data set window, I chose the "new" option and called it "dataset3", checked the authors table and chose 'add to designer'
This gave me a data set called DataSet31

* I added a data grid to the form, and set the data source property to DataSet31 and the data member property to 'authors'

* I then went into the form code load event and added this code:


When I run it, I get an error on the line that I call the FILL method that says this: "An unhandled exception of type 'System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException' occurred in"

I cant figure this out. I followed the tutorial instructions to the letter...

IN, I did the same thing, and it worked fine...

ps-- I previewed the dataset using the IDE and that worked too.

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