Please help me in Diffrences between DDE and OLE !!


what are the differences betwen DDE and OLE ? Please let me know.

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    : what are the differences betwen DDE and OLE ? Please let me know.

    From Honestly, people, learn how to use Google.

    Acronym for Dynamic Data Exchange, an interprocess communication (IPC) system built into the Macintosh, Windows, and OS/2 operating systems. DDE enables two running applications to share the same data. For example, DDE makes it possible to insert a spreadsheet chart into a document created with a word processor. Whenever the spreadsheet data changes, the chart in the document changes accordingly.
    Although the DDE mechanism is still used by many applications, it is being supplanted by OLE, which provides greater control over shared data.

    Abbreviation of Object Linking and Embedding, pronounced as separate letters or as oh-leh. OLE is a compound document standard developed by Microsoft Corporation. It enables you to create objects with one application and then link or embed them in a second application. Embedded objects retain their original format and links to the application that created them.
    Support for OLE is built into the Windows and Macintosh operating systems. A competing compound document standard developed jointly by IBM, Apple Computer, and other computer firms is called OpenDoc.


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