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Hello there,

i am working on a wiki (something like CodePedia here) and try to support this with a bit client-sided code to increase the overall usability and to decrease the things the server has to do himself.

But i have not the know-how about javascript to do it browser independent, elegant and effective.

That are some problems i run into:
- open a new empty window and directly write a (html) page in it
- position a div exactly above another tag
- bring a div in front of all others regardless of its parents
- change the way links are executed in the whole page (eg. add a string to the href)
- a check to display a message only once, especially if the user hits reload and the page is reloaded from the cache

Help would be very much appreciated, if there is a way to solve this problems in a browser independent way.

If you are additionally sold on the wiki idea i would be very happy to leave the client side to you in this non-profit, likely to be soon open-source little project.

Please mail me at
or visit (the wiki implementation i started upon) and leave me a line on my page (my handle there is ErusUmbrae too)

and here you can find the first wiki ever:
a good reference to the whole idea with a very Spartanic interface.

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