Netscape 4.7 support for my programming

I am new in web development. Would anyone please help me in following queries. I am tankful in advance.
I want to use same code for Netscape 4.7 as well IE-5 without using layers in netscape.

Mainly the code should work for Netscape Navigator 4.7

1) I want to change the background color of the row in a table on Mouseover.
2) Similar to 1, on check box click, chnaging the background color of the row in a table.
3) On some button-click, whether HTML code rendering takes place at run time inside a DIV.
4) Difference in Span and Div in context to Netscape.
5) Few blocks are placed by using DIV with a cross button at the corner. On clicking the cross, the block would hide and the rest of the blocks would be resized on the page.

Please guide me on these 5 topics. I am waiting for your guidance.
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