This is a HUGE!!!!! project!!

I finally got the calendar working. Now I need to events to be loaded dynamically. I am not very good a coding right now as I know very little about three languages and nothing about troubleshooting. I therefore submit my craziness to you all! I am builing this calendar for my church's web site and as you may know, there are several ministries or departments to go with it. I need to be able to seperate the departments and their respective schedules into seperate entities and load them into the calendar individually so as not to add to the confusion to the user. For instance, there is a section for the events dealing with the school, the women, the men, the community, the singles, the teenagers, etc. I also need to be able to add them all at the same time for those that want to view scheldule conflicts. I am looking at Perl and Python for my back end database. The web site I am going to be on supports Perl, Python, PHP, MySQL and pretty much anything else you can think of. They run a unix system and I am trying to write for MSIE 5+, Netscape 5+, and any other browser that is possible. The idea that I am going for can be found @ I do not need the map though, and I want to do this without ColdFusion. (That is how this site does it.) I am looking to do this in Java/Perl/Python...well, you understand. BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING!!!! I want to know the code. I want to understand what is going on as I am trying to learn how to do this stuff on my own and would like to program for along time to come. Thank you for taking the time!! Merry Christmas!!


  • You basically need to setup an events database, and an interface to read, and write to this DB.

    Not to easy for the beginner...

    But not that complex.


    PS: good luck!, sorry I don't have the time to tell you more right now.
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