some one who knows what their doing...

please help me, im a beginner that has no clue how to do this

the game of nim is played by 2 players alternating taking stones from 3 piles (pile 1 has 3 stones, pile 2 has 4, and pile 3 has 7). the person to take the last stone looses.

write a program that stored the stones individually in a 2-d arrya. they can pick from which pile they want to take from, how many they want to take, and from what stone to start from.

ex: if i choose to take 4 stones from the 3 row starting from the 2nd stone.
if it originally looked like this 0000000:
it now looks like this 0 00.

be sure to display the game board after each turn. also make sure all moves are possible.

if any one can do this it would be a great help!! thank you soooo much!

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