Greetings...i got a few questions on assembly. First off, i am using Borland's Turbo Assembler 5.0. First question is can i use
Turbo Debugger as a dissassembler to look at C or higher language programs in their assembly code? How do i do that if it's

My understanding of assembly is this...the computer talks in machine language (0's and 1's) which represents the electical
charge being on or off (called binary). These 1's and 0's taken in groups of fours (called words) tell the computer what to do.
Ie., 1010 tells the computer to blow their nose :) If that's the case, then where do i find these codes that tell the computer
what to do? It seems that Intel has a book out there but it aint' the one that really tells you what codes do what. I'm
interested in controlling ports and traveling, if ya' know what i mean.

Also, DOS gives control over to a program to execute then the program gives control back over to DOS. Is this the same in a
Window's environment or Unix/Linux environment? I have a lot more questions so i look forward to your speedy response!


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