Callback/Dx events from Vb... no way ?

Hi all !

I am doing a program in VB6 using DX8 for playing some samples and midi sounds. That works GREAT.

However, I want to run some sequences and hence need a timer.

I tried two ways : API callbacks and DX events.

API callbacks : works great in VB but once compiled to an exe, crash as soon as it gets the 'Adressof' that initiates the callback.
I've tried with 2 pc (both w98, one dx8, one dx7a) with same results.
I found in some MS dox that there could be two workarounds at that
_ compile in P-code, wich I tried, crashes the same
_ use a callback type library (clbck.tlb ?) from the SDK, wich I have no idea about...

DX events : Here again, works great, even in runtime/exe, the problem is that when the program ends (normally), it hangs a looooong time before giving the hand back. It seemed to me that the more events are created, the longer it will hang. It does not crash, it just freezes 10/30s and then gives the hand back. And YES I do kill all events properly. (that is while in vb as well as in runtime/exe)

Soooo.... any genius with a solution for me ?

Is there some timer ocx or something ? What's the trick ?

Thanks...a lot...for any idea...

If there is anything that needs more details, please ask...


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    _Ho yes there is a way. Now you know how to get callbacks in runtime !

    _Yes, thanks, morlock, you're too good my man.

    _Hey, gat to. Noone is helping out there.

    _Thanks for the info, morlock, yuzza shizat.

    Santa Morlock
    200 reindeers under the hood, make room.

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