Retrieving From Hashtables

Question regarding Hashtables...
I've noticed that when retrieving records from a hashtable, they do not come out in the same order as they were added. I then tried a simple example to see how the records are being retrieved. My code is as follows....

Dim h As New Hashtable()
Dim eh As IDictionaryEnumerator = h.GetEnumerator
Dim s As String

h.Add("d", "Jessica")
h.Add("c", "Chris")
h.Add("b", "Frank")

While eh.MoveNext
s &= eh.Value & " " & eh.Key & " "
End While

The names end up being retrieved as Jessica, Frank, Chris.
Can anyone point out what I may be doing wrong or suggest how I can retrieve the items in the same order they were inserted?

Much thanks in advance,


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