Server and Client, Need Help... cant Figure Out :(

I'm having problems with servlets. I Know that I have installed successfully my tomcat coz when I run the server it shows that page that I have successfully installed my tomcat. My problem is I have my servlet code I compiled it and I received no errors. But when I tried to run it in the server though the html page works properly and when I pressed the send button I always received a message just like this:

HTTP Status 404 - /GreetingServlet


type Status report

message /GreetingServlet

description The requested resource (/GreetingServlet) is not available.

hope you can help me with this.


  • Where are you putting your class files? By default they should be put in ../WEB-INF/classes.

    You also have to edit the XML file web.xml found in the folder WEB-INF. You add something like this.

    Your Servlet

    The link to a servlet will be

    Notice there is no extension at the end of the servlet name.

    I hope this helps


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