debugger acts strange with ASP.NET

My VS debugger acts weird when I step through my ASP.NET codebehind page. It steps out of conditional blocks before it's supposed to. It enters conditional blocks that it isn't supposed to. Given the following code my debugger steps over all four lines of code:

if(LockOutCookie != null)
iNumTrysLeft = 0;//user is locked out
if(LockOutCookie == null)
iNumTrysLeft = 4;//let user log in

I can't help but think that VS hasn't rebuilt some project data file which tells the debugger how to step through my project. Values in my watch window aren't set right when they are stepped over; instead they are set later. Exceptions aren't thrown as I step over the lines that throw them they are thrown on the next line.

The code seems to work ok, but this is a really, really annoying problem which is causing me a lot of extra work.
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