Creating a plug-in system using .NET?

How could I implement a plug-in system using the CLR? By plug-in, I mean dynamically load DLLs at run time based on a list in a text file, and then having those DLLs contain an object that can interact with the main "driver" program. So I could have my main program, and it could be instructed to load any number of DLLs at runtime and create instances of a class in those DLLs. I imagine it would involve giving all the object DLLs a specific interface, but does anyone know exactly how all the dynamic loading and stuff could be done?

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.


  • I actually just did this not but 2 days ago, but my code is at home, so forgive me if this isnt exact..

    Collection asmAssemblies= new Collection();

    foreach(string dllFileName in dllFileList)

    this will load all the dlls so you can use them.

    Use System.Reflection.Assembly.CreateInstane("Full Namespace Name of Class") to get a useable object from it.

    to list the classes in an System.Reflection.Assembly, use

    Type[] asmTypes = System.Reflection.Assembly.GetTypes();

    then you can do a foreach() on that to get the full name of the class.
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