help needed...accessing a db remotely....

I am a newbie concerning vb, but I have completed a database

prog for a local company. Which will keep track of sales,

inventory, etc...

Anyways, the company wants to be able to access this db

remotely, (from home, or from the road). I have setted up

there home computer to access the db at work (direct

dial-up), but the connection is only 33.6k ( and can

not be increased). And accessing the db can be painfully

slow. Trying to run the db over the phone lines.

So I was thinking about making a prog that will connect

to the db remotely, archive the db, and then download it

to the remote computer. I need to do it this way maybe

because the people are computer illiterate. And to teach

them everything would be long and arduous for me.

Can someone tell me, or show me (code), anything that

would show me how about to do it? Remember, I am new

to vb. Even if you know a better, different way of

doing it. Point me in the right direction. TIA



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