Can anyone help me get started???

Hi to all that are reading this. I got a program to do and I don't know how to set up the form, or write the code, etc. I'm totally confused and I need any help I can possibly get with this. The link below takes you to a Word file (.doc format) and the instructions are there. I'm not very good at programming, but I'll never be able to get it done by myself. Any help from anyone and I would GREATLY appreciate it. Thanks.



  • Wow! Helluva project you have there. Since it looks like homework, I WON'T give you full code, but I will give some help:


    Customer First Name


    Customer Last Name


    Payment method code (0 for COD, 1 for charge)

    (In click event)

    If Check1.Value = 1 Then

    PayMethod = 1


    PayMethod = 0

    End If


    Credit card code ("V" for Visa, "M" for Mastercard, "N" for none)

    Design time - Set Text property to "N".

    Run time - (following code helps prevent entries other than "V", "M" or "N", disable right-click popup menu to help complete it)

    (In KeyUp Event)

    If KeyCode Asc("V") And KeyCode Asc("M") And KeyCode Asc("N") Then KeyCode = 0

    Shift = 0

    (In KeyDown)

    KeyCode = 0

    (In KeyPress)

    KeyAscii = 0


    Credit card number(string) or "X" for none

    Street Address, City, State, Zipcode(string)

    Use code similar to credit card code to prevent all keys but letters, numbers, bksp and del.

    -no control

    * Number of different products purchased

    See farther down

    P&SORDRS.DAT * n records per order containing

    Quantity(integer), Product ID, Unit Price(currency)

    Failure to do this will cause other Phrank & Schtein programs to fail or produce erroneous results. (Failure to do this will cause a MUCH easier program to write... :-))

    There are two payment options: COD and Credit card. COD charge is $4.50, credit card orders require credit card company (Visa or MasterCard) expiration date, and credit card number. These fields should only appear after the operator specifies that it is a credit card purchase.

    If Check1.Value = 1 Then

    'Credit card payment. Add $4.50 and request expiration date.

    End If

    Sales tax of 6% applies to all customers that live in Michigan and applies only to merchandise total.

    If State = "MI" Then

    'Add 6%

    SubTotal = TaxableTotal * 1.06


    SubTotal = TaxableTotal

    End If

    5) Shipping charges are based on the following

    Merchandise Total Shipping Charge

    0 to $20.00 $5.00

    $20.01 to $50.00 $6.50

    $50.01 to $100.00 $7.50

    $100.01 and up no charge

    Select Case TaxableTotal

    Case 0 To 20.00

    SubTotal = SubTotal + 5.00

    Case 20.01 To 50.00

    SubTotal = SubTotal + 6.50

    Case 50.01 To 100.00

    SubTotal = SubTotal + 7.50

    End Select

    The operator must be able to select the product by either the product name or the product ID from list boxes.

    In listbox click events

    'Pick a line depending on which box you use:

    'ProdName = List1.List(List1.ListIndex)

    'ProdID = List2.List(List2.ListIndex)

    Quantity ordered (1 to 100) should be entered by using a spin button (or a scroll bar or slider control). See the help system if you want to use scroll bars or sliders.

    Using vertical ScrollBar:

    Set Min to 1 and Max to 100

    I suggest setting LargeChange to 10

    In Change and/or Scroll event:

    NumOrdered = VScroll1.Value

    Create a File menu that contains Print (subitems of Print Current Order and Print Order Report), and Exit. Do not give the user command buttons to exit or print. Also give the user a Help menu that contains "About". The about choice should display a dialog box that contains important information about your program (Who wrote it, when, what it does, etc.)

    -See help file if neccesary for building a menu. Quite simple really.

    After the orders have been entered the user should be able to print the inventory report (see attachment).

    -See Printer.Print in the help file

    -Also see Printer.EndDoc

    -Hint: To get a faster idea of what your printed form would look like, temporarily change all Printer.Print lines to Picture1.Print. It prints MUCH faster to a picturebox AND it will look basically the same.

    -Hint: To properly align columns, either:

    A. Print one or more Chr$(9)'s or vbTab's.

    B. Use a fixed-width font such as FixedSys.

    I would suggest doing both of the above for smaller/easier code and a better look.

    Hint: Although the unit price is stored in P&SPRDCT.DAT as a currency variable it must be stored as a string in the list box.

    -See "Data Types Keyword Summary" in the help file.

    And, finally, type "sequential" (ALL lowercase) into the "Find" box in the help file and read at least most of the topics displayed. My help file shows 18 topics.

    Hope this helps!

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