Cloth Simulation Plug-in

I'm looking for a 3D graphics C or C++ programmer to invest their time and energy into developing a functional cloth simulation plug-in as an in-house proprietary studio tool which will eventually be distributed as a commercial product.

There's no immediate money in it right now, so if you are looking for paided time or contract, please keep looking. If you are looking for a project apply your excellent skills and create an innovative commercial product with continued income potential. let's talk.

I am a 3D computer graphics end-user and artist. I have been working with a popular 3D package for several years on the Macintosh platform. Mac OS has gone Unix-based. The program I work with has several 3rd party plugin developers but no cloth simulation plug yet.

I have even found free source code. I will help design the GUI, beta test, and market the plug. Then we will divide the spoil. :)

If interested, or if you have the time or the enthusiasm, E-me at

Alonzo Von Threet

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