Matrix multiplier (68000 Assemble code)

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My lecturer request me to write a program by using 68000 Assembly code software (motorola). I really no idea regarding my assignment. Pls suggestion me some tips about my assignment. Here my assignment question.

Computers are useful in performing complex calculations for us. Write a matrix calculator that will perform the following:

i) Ask for a square input matrix A (up to 5x5)
ii) Ask for a square input matrix B (same dimension as A)

The input sequence of A is: 1 2 2 3
The input sequence of B is: 2 2 4 4

iii) Perform the matrix multiplication of A x B.
iv) Display the results to the screen in the following manners:

[matrix A]x[matrix B]=[matrix C]


The output takes the following form:

1 2 2 2 = 10 10
2 3 x 4 4 16 16
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