I need help with randomnumber function(in 16 bits)

I would need help to make a function which will hand me a number from the clock.
I have got as far as to type mov ah, ah int 1ah,
which is the call I have to use. I know that the time should land in the cx:dx.. but from there I am lost.
I need to get a number between 10 and 190 and one number between 10 and 310.
On the whole: I need a function for taking in a seed from the clock, and then using some modulo on it so it will be random between 10-190/10-310. Tho I can not use the e registers (like eax, ecx and so on. restrictions from teacher).
Is there anyone out there that can help a lost soul?
I would be very grateful!

/Lady in distress.
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