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I am developing java apps for Windows only.
So I need a way to convert my Java programs into native machine code.
Is there any FREE tool that converts java programs into EXE files.
If not native machine code then an EXE wrapper will also do.
That is my programs may run under JVM only but I won't use Batch file to open them instead some EXE file with custom icon.
I have tried using JET but it's free version doesn't allow Deployment facility.
For EXE wrapper I have used exej but its restriction is that it requires only Javasoft JRE.
Please if anybody knows about it then inform me.


  • Use install anywhere
    (Icon in start menu, tray icon, uninstall facility, etc...)
    It's free and give you a package wich could be easyly installed on any platform (with or without JRE)

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    You can use Install ANywhere as stated by Nazgul..
    But mind you the projects designed with
    install anywhere has to be re-built after 3 days.
    If you have money enough then pay for it ( it's the best way).

    But if on the other hand you are a java hobbist as
    many of us here, then go for a reasonable priced Installers.
    If you check and search for java installers or
    java exe makers you will get some few to try.

    The best solution will be if you have a good development enviroments
    like Jbuilder, visual cafe etc they come with built inn tools that
    allow you to generate a runnable applications in .jar format. Then after you've generated a runnable app, you can use a reasonable
    priced Installers from developers like;
    to polish the end in order to get a professional look.
    These two do the installation job as fine as Installshield and Install Anywhere
    The differece in my opinion is the price.

    Lastly google the net. There are very fine free Installers out there.

    Good luck


  • I'm pretty sure GCJ of the GNU Compiler Collection can take in Java source and output a native executable. Wander You may need to do some interesting compiling to get it for windows though (i.e. cross-compiling the compiler, once you finish it should be fine).

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  • Check out this link -
    JCGO is a Java-to-C translator.
    While the tool is commercial, you can use it for free if you are developing an open-source project.
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