GetRows, not working anymore after record 99 :'(

My ASP application was working fine till now. My GetRows statement
returns 99 rows. Actually there are 100 rows since yesterday. Normally
it always went right, till someone added the row 100. Should I set a
pagesize or something, is there a limitation to 99 or 100?

I am using the following code:
'connection string
strConnection = "provider=microsoft.jet.oledb.4.0; data source=" &
server.Mappath(strDatabase) &_
";jet oledb:database password=" &

'en nog wat variabelen
dim mySql, conn, rs

mySql="select * from " & strTable

set conn=server.createobject("adodb.connection") strConnection
set rs=conn.execute(mySQL)

If rs.eof then
response.write "No records matched
response.write mySQL & "
So cannot make table..."
Call CloseAll
End if

showblank=" "

'verkrijg alle gegevens uit de tabel en sluit de verbinding.
'!!!!!!!!!! alldata doesn't contain row 100 !!!!!!!!
alldata = rs.getrows()
set rs=nothing
set conn=nothing

'print de inhoud van de cellen in de tabel
numcols=ubound(alldata,1) 'verkrijg aantal elementen in 1e
argument van het array
numrows=ubound(alldata,2) '...

I hope someone does have a solution or an idea that can bring me
toward a solution. All help is welcome. In the meanwhile my internet
application will be out of order. :'(

Much thanks in advance,


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