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I should like a more sophisticad way of getting the dissassemly onto paper than "print screen". Is there a DOS command that will send the debugger output to the printer until I switch it back or is there (does anyone know) a debugger command that does it?

I use the old-fashioned printer port on that machine.


  • What I do in DEBUG is to practice doing it a few times and noting the things I have to do. Then I just use DEBUG >PRN and do whatever I need to (after all, I'm blind with printer redirection).
  • I'm not sure what you've told me blip. Do I take it as a no?

  • Basically my way is just a tad better than hitting print screen, but not by much because it requires the debugger to write to CON.
  • Now that the penny has dropped I have tried your suggestion and it works fine. - Thanks!

    How do I get an English Keyboard to generate a "greater than" character? There's no obvious key for it.

    I persuaded the switch to work by writing a .BAT file and editing in a hex 3E using DEBUG.

    Perhaps you can also suggest how I stop the printer from being so moody - it seems to obey these commands most reluctantly.

    Grateful for your help - John
  • By the printer being moody, I think you mean that it's not giving out the last page you sent to it (am I right?). To get it to spit out the last page after sending the data to the printer, type:
    Ctrl-L F6 Enter

    Another thing is be very careful when using backspace. The printer doesn't use it as you might think, but instead it does character overstriking where the character bitmaps are ORed and printed (useful for underlining and striking through chars :-))
  • Thanks again!

    I found which key to press for ">" it's the one marked ">".
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    Don't most debuggers have a PRINT TO FILE option ?
    might do it. I have a debug thing I was working on, which
    makes a dissassembler and an assembler out of DOS DEBUG.EXE
    It's in there some where, DISCOM.BAT DISMU.COM DISBUG.COM etc
    bla,bla,bla. It disassembles .com files and some times
    they reassemble with the assemble.bat's it makes.

    Ok debug output files.
    The output file can be edited to remove any non ASCII
    characters that screw up the printer. (pure.TXT ok) Then
    gets stuff to the printer?
    But that .asm code takes many pages to print.
    I have a print small.bat that crams it in (below)
    BUT the formatting of this message board won't allow
    non ASCII code, so here is how it's done:

    echo @echo off> prnsmall.bat
    edit prnsmall.bat and write in the line.
    echo X> lpt1

    where the 'X' is, you need a character with the value of
    15, it kinda looks like an wild card character *
    You can make it with the CTRL+Q+character function of most editors.
    The character is O as in Opperateing, so press
    and hold, then press O
    and release

    @echo off
    echo *> lpt1

    is about what it should look like.
    Save the .BAT and run it before you print.


    PS if you try that DISCOM.BAT debug disassembly stuff
    at my cheepo site, let me know how it worked ?
    Good news or bad news is fine.

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