IIS and the CWD

Hi all,

I know that the IIS documentation states that the Current Working Directory is that which is specified in the Virtual Directory Property Dialog, but with IIS on WinXP, the CWD is the directory that the script (Perl) is running in.

I can't find any information as to whether or not this is going to become the standard, or if it's just a bug, but does anyone have any knowledge on this subject?

The problem was, I developed a site on WinXP IIS5 and needed to transport it to another production server running Win2K and IIS5 and the only thing that needed modifing was the root directory in my config file (ie. the rest of the paths were relative).

When I copied the directory, nothing worked!

I added a hack to change the directory to that of the script's but that's stupid, messy and quite frankly, the wrong thing to do.

But I was only made aware of this AFTER I'd developed the site!

Thanks in advance,
Bradley q:)
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