Cannot overwrite previously compiled DLL

Good afternoon,

I am working on a stand alone machine, using Visual Basic 6 and IIS5

I am creating an ActiveX component and compiling as a .dll

While in VB, if I compile the class (into the dll) and then make more changes and save it again (the class), when I go to recompile, it will not let me overwrite the same file. Do you know why?

Furthermore, if IIS has grabbed the .dll and run it once and then I decide to just go ahead and delete the .dll from the directory where it resides, I cannot. Even after I have stopped the IIS server and rebooted the machine.

Any suggestions?




  • I am not that familar with iis, but in my last week of experimenting with soap services i ran across the same problem. IIS would grab the dll and load it in memory. the dirty lazy solution for me was to restart the computer to free the dll, although im sure someone with more IIS exp could tell you a better way.
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