real person, fake world,complex camera movement

I have a very large computer controlled camera motion control rig.
It can be programmed to move the camera any which way around real objects.
I have seen that some people are trying to integrate these kinds of rigs with 3d animation.
Basically they export the camera motion file, hack it up a bit and then feed the program to a motion control rig like mine.
like I said, mine is really big (probably one of the biggest) and it can move the camera just as if it were virtual (well, just enough).
Anyone want to do this with me? I mean, I am dabbling in 3d graphics myself, but I want to work with someone good.
Let me know.
If this whole thing sounds un-doable or not worth it, I would like to hear why.


  • SephirothSephiroth Fayetteville, NC, USA
    Well, that's simple. Check out OpenGL as your platform. MUCH easier to learn than DX, and gets better frames. Plus you can move the camers with a single call to a function built-into GL. All you gotta' do is feed it the coordinates of where you want it to move!


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