Looking for gamers to fill staff

We are looking for a few select people for various positions in designing a massive-multi player online game. There is no pay, so if you are interested, let it be because of your passion for gaming, the money will have to come later. (The game will be partially free with perks to paying players.) I believe that the true geniuses of the industry are those who have a love for games. So if you don't live and breathe gaming, you may not be up to this. I prefer a desire to be the best over someone who already is.

We currently need:

Programmers with a knowledge of online languages (php, vbscript, etc.)

Computer Artists, 2D with an understanding of isometric tile games
3D is also a perk if you have experience using 3DSMax and Poser

This game will be pushing the envelope, so it will be challenging, but our staff is busy at work, developing the deisgn and structure of the game as well as seeking out sponsors to help pay the bills. :)

Don't be offended if I ask you for proof of your talents, I've ran into too many frauds to be completely trusting. Please reply to this message or e-Mail me at phoenix_concepts@lycos.com

Phillip Peterson
Phoenix Concepts, LLC
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