Creating a sliding form similar to MSN's notification window

Hi All,

This is my first post to the messageboard, so please bear with me if I'm asking an old question :)

I have a need to create an MSN style sliding window. I have written to code to slide the window etc..etc... but I would like to have an image on the form background, normally if I use a TImage, the image is not displayed until after the window has been displayed.

Basically I am asking if it's possible to draw the image onto the form before it's displayed.

Perhaps by intercepting the WM_PAINT command or something similar?

I have trawled the net, but no such luck at the moment.

Does anyone have an idea on how this can be achieved?

I'm quite new to Delphi, I'm a VB convert :)

Best Regards


  • not sure, and I'm not in position to test atm, but you could try image.update; :)
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