SetEvent (WIN-API synchronization)

The problem is that I am trying to use WIN-API style synchronization between a few threads. The multithreading model is COM-based (i.e. using CoInitialize, CoGetInterfaceAndReleaseStream, etc). I have a public array of events (long) and some threads Wait(ing)ForMultipleObjects on it. When I try to SetEvent on one of the array elements I get all the elements in the array signaled and the wait function returns of course WAIT_OBJECT_0. Please dont ask me to rewrite entire project in C or to use standard VB. Is there anybody who knows whats wrong with this SetEvent function?


(VB5, NT4.0-SP4)


  • The problem is not in the SetEvent function, but in the Array of handles. I am NOT a VB programmer, but I am a NT system's programmer and use this function often. It will not signal more than one event (assuming that you passed it one handle). Send the code and I will look at it quickly.

  • I know it will always signal only one object. It actually makes a FOR through the array and will return the FIRST INDEX FOUND SIGNALED. My problem is that it is always the FIRST ELEMENT IN THE ARRAY (WAIT_OBJECT_0), no matter which event I am actually signaling. In VB there is no distinct HANDLE data-type. For that one we use LONG (basically the same thing) signed.

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