VB5 Pro Service Pack

Anybody know where I can find one? I haven't been able to find one on MS's website, I can only find the ones for VB6.


  • Source: http://www.mvps.org/ccrp/devinfo/vssp3.htm

    What products are covered by the Visual Studio 97 Service Pack 3?

    Service Pack 3 will address the following products:

    Visual Studio 97 (Enterprise and Professional Editions)

    Visual Basic 5.0 (Enterprise and Professional Editions)

    Visual C++ 5.0 (Enterprise and Professional Editions)

    Visual InterDev 1.0

    Visual J++ 1.1 (Professional Edition)

    Visual FoxPro 5.0

    Visual SourceSafe 5.0

    Note: The Visual Studio Service Pack applies to the Professional and Enterprise Editions of the Visual Studio tools, and is not intended for use with the Learning Edition of Visual C++ or Visual Basic

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