Accessing data from other tables on one form

I'm a rookie when it comes to access, so I'm sure this is a relatively simple Q. I'm using access 2000 by the way.

On one form I would like to display information from several different tables. In the properties area of a text box, the control source lists only the fields that are in the table that I specified when creating the form. Is there anyway to change tables in the properties box that I am just blindly overlooking?

I know I could go in and code some VB in the form_load section and just reference the other tables that way, but I am just curious if I am completely missing something.



  • If you simply want to change the underlying records source you can use the Record Source property under the Data tab of your properties box of the form.

    Alternatively, if you want to include fields from various related tables you can create a query to include these fields.

    You can also use the SubForm/SubReport control to embed other forms/queries/reports into your form.

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