Making Pie Charts in C#

Friends I am going to make a pie chart control in C#.
Could you please tell whether I will have to draw it bit by bit (using circle, ellipse etc) or there is any ready made method.
I want to make a real good control


  • The easiest and most powerful charting component I've seen is the Microsoft charting controls from the Microsoft Office XP Web Components 10 library. If you don't have Office XP installed, you can download the Web Components library from the MS Office site. You can create amazing professional charts of all types with just a few lines of code. And it's free!

    Here's some code ripped from a WSH program I wrote a while ago:

    space.border.color = report.RGB(0xFFFFFF);

    // see function below...
    report.addPieChart(" Versions",categories,values);


    // addPieChart function
    function Report.prototype.addPieChart (chtitle,categories,values) // [explodeMod]
    var cons = space.constants;
    var chart = space.charts.add();

    with (chart)
    hasTitle = true;
    with (title)
    caption = chtitle; = "Verdana";
    font.size = 7.5;
    font.bold = true;
    type = cons.chChartTypePie3D;
    hasLegend = true;
    inclination = 50;

    var unknown = 100;
    for (var i=0; i < values.length; i++)
    unknown -= values[i];

    if (unknown >= 10)
    categories.push("(unknown) - " + Number.formatFloat(unknown,1));

    series = chart.seriesCollection.add();
    series.thickness = 5;

    if (unknown >= 10)
    var point = series.points(series.points.count-1);
    point.interior.color = "#E6E6E6";

    var explode = (arguments.length > 3 ? arguments[3] : false);
    if (explode) point.explosion = 30;


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