Sending General messages to Chat Rooms

I am developing a program that needs to send General Messages (or Logs into) to AOL OR MSN OR YAHOO CHAT ROOMS and Sends Private Messages TO the people who are in those Chat Rooms.

Any help is greatly appreciated



  • I'm assuming that would require you to gain access to AOLs servers. I don't think they would like that idea, so I propose you use WinSock and make your own "Instant Messenger"

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  • Thanks for the Reply.

    What I intend to have is I need a wrapper class to login into AOL OR MSN OR YAHOO Chat rooms. This is something like a BOT. So using this bot I need to login into these rooms with a valid Login_Name and Login_Pwd. In case I use winsock how would I get hold of all the server side operations (I doubt if MSN or AOL or Yahoo would allow that)

  • Unfortunately, I have no clue how you would go about that. Sorry.

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  • you should get ahold of a hacker and see if they could give you info on the ip addresses of servers to submit login info. and if the hacker is good enough they could tell you how to make your program log into yahoo or aol or msn. whatever. i know the game starcraft has bots for that and hackers make bots for starcraft. so if you could find a hacker then maybe you could do what you were wanting to do. its an idea.

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