delegating properties and methods for ActiveX control

For a class that I am taking I need to create an active x control that I can use in an application that contains

a) two listboxes (List1 & List2). List 1 is populated on startup

b) five command buttons

1. command1 selects one item from list one moves it to list2 and
removes item from list1

2. command2 selects one item from list two and moves it to list1 and
removes from list2

3. command3 selects all items from list1 moves them all to list2 and
removes all items from list1.

4. command4 selects all items from list2 moves them all to list1 and
removes all items from list2.

5. command5 removes all items from both text boxes.

The list box's Add, Clear, and RemoveItem methods must be delegated.
The List and Count properties must be delegated.
There must be a SelectList property which is really the List property of the second list box.
There must be a method named Clear All to clear contents of both listboxes.

I have the code working to move items from list to list and clear both list boxes. I am stuck on delegating the properties and methods and exposing them to developer.I am assuming that the problem requires that the devleoper should be able to change the items that are loaded into the listbox by entering code into the form startup, not by going to the listbox and changing the list , or going to the activeX user control and changing or entering code. One person has suggested using a database and a Data Control but the problem does not call for that so I assume that it would not be allowed.
I need the properties to show up in the property window for the UserControl after it is incorporated into the project.

Please help
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