Link Error : Undefined symbol: _WinMainCRTStartup in module entry poin


I am trying to learn how to program in Windows using C++ but every time I try to compile a program I get the following error message:

Link Error : Undefined symbol: _WinMainCRTStartup in module entry point

I'm using Metrowerks CodeWarrior Learning Edition and can't afford to purchase any more software. Is there anyone here who can help me figure out what is causing the error message and how to fix it?

Clint O'Dell


  • I am pretty sure that _WinMainCRTStartup is a member function embedded deep with the MFC architecture. That means that although you are trying to use Win32, your compiler thinks you are using MFC's libraries. If you are doing a lot of programming with Windows, and if you are thinking of doing anything with MFC, then you should get Visual C++.

    I think you should e-mail me at about a new compiler. I'll see if I can help you out.

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